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親王 Xinnò - Imperial Prince, a male member of the Imperial Family either a direct male-line descendant of an Emperor within 2 generations (i.e., to the grandson) or the head of the Alisugawa, Fuximi, Cañin, Higaxi-Cuni, Higaxiyama, Cumazawa, or Nambocu branch families.
内親王 Naixinnò - Imperial Princess, the female version of the above. All female members of the Imperial Family lose their status if they marry outside the Imperial Family
王 Ò - Prince, a male member of the Imperial Family who is not a xinnò
女王 Nio'ò - Princess, the female equivalent of the above

Main Branch

The main branch of the Imperial House consists of descendants of Emperor Taixò, and contains several branch-houses. Italics indicate deceased individuals. Note: this only lists individuals who did not leave the Imperial House through marriage or renunciation of status.

See also: Succession

Former Imperial Family Members

Princesses who marry outside the Imperial Family leave the family and join their husbands' family. Descendants of the Taixò Emperor who have done so are listed below. Some are still members of branch-houses. Italics are deceased individuals:


Xinnòque are branch-families whose head is a xinnò


Other branch-families (in order from oldest to youngest)

  • 山階 Yamaxina
  • 小松 Comaçu (Revived)
    • 彰仁 Aquihito, first head, originally named Higaxi-Fuximi-no-miya Yoxiaqui
  • 華頂 Catxò (Quacho)
    • 龍之介 Catxò, 4th and current head
  • 梨本 Naximoto
  • 久邇 Cuni
  • 北白川 Quitaxiracawa
  • 賀陽 Caya
    • 賀陽勇治 Caya Yùdji, 4th head, former Imperial Family member
  • 朝香 Asaca
  • 竹田 Taqueda

The following òque were created by Emperor Saisei early in his reign

  • 東伏見 Higaxi-Fuximi
  • 山城 Yamaxiro
  • 河内 Còtxi
  • 和泉 Izumi
  • 壱岐 Iqui
  • 対馬 Çuxima
  • 伊勢 Ise

See also List of Heads of Xinnòque and Òque

Former Emperors

122. 明治天皇 Emperor Meidji
123. 大正天皇 Emperor Taixò
124. 後明治天皇 Emperor Go-Meidji
125. 昭和天皇 Emperor Xòwa
126. 再生天皇 Emperor Saisei
127. 学代天皇 Empress Gacudai