Nolihito, Prince Tacamado

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Tacamado-no-miya Nolihito Xinnò
Relation to present Emperor: 1st cousin thrice removed
Imperial Ancestry: Grandson of Emperor Taixò
Prince Tacamado: 1st
Date of birth: Saisei 3, Djùitxigaçu 25
December 29, 1954
Date of death: Saisei 51, Djùgaçu 17
November 21, 2002
Place of death: Japanese Embassy in NAL

His Imperial Highness Nolihito, Prince Tacamado was the youngest son of HIH Tacahito, Prince Micasa, in turn the youngest son of Emperor Taixò. His cousin, Emperor Saisei granted him the title of Tacamado-no-miya upon his marriage on Saisei 33, Djùitxigaçu 1 (December 4, 1984).

He died, of heart problems, during a squash game at the Japanese embassy in the NAL.

He had three daughters, Princesses Çuguco (who succeeded him to the title of Tacamado-no-miya), Nolico and Ayaco.

Preceded by:
New title
Prince Tacamado
1984 – 2002
Succeeded by: