Emperor Xigehito

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The Present Emperor
Relation to predecessor: Eldest son
Original Name: 志宮成仁親王
Xigehito, Prince Xi
Date of birth: Gacudai 3, Xigaçu 18
May 25, 2006
Place of birth: Quiòto

His Imperial Majesty Emperor Xigehito is the child 128th Emperor of Japan, and was the first of twin sons born to Empress Gacudai. His father is the former Prince Consort, Masahito, Prince Alisugawa.

He was Crown Prince from the moment of his birth, like His great-grandfather, Gacudai's predecessor.

His birth revived the debate over the present succession law, as he will one day be the first Emperor not descended in a male line from a recent Emperor.

On August 28, 2006 (Gacudai 3, Xitxigaçu 23), he became Emperor upon the assassination of his mother, becoming the youngest Emperor in Japan's history, as well as the first to become Emperor while on foreign soil.

The next day, the name of his era was announced as 魂才 (Consai/Honjai), derived from a contraction of the Meidji-era slogan 和魂洋才 (Wacon Yòsai, Japanese Spirit, Western Learning), and is intended to convey the same sense of growth and reform, as well as the internationalism combined with preservation of traditional values.

It was said that he was not in good terms with his younger brother Nolihito. After a scuffle, the Regent sent the younger brother away to Corea. While he begged for his brother to return, Prince Nolihito decided to stay in Corea for the time being. However, the Imperial Household Agency stated that their relations have improved.

Preceded by:
Empress Gacudai
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Emperor of Japan
Prince Nolihito