Prince Nolihito

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Nolihito Xinnò
Relation to present Emperor: Brother
Imperial Ancestry: Son of Empress Gacudai
Date of birth: Gacudai 3, Xigaçu 18
May 25, 2006
Place of birth: Quiòto

His Imperial Highness Prince Nolihito is the second son of the late Empress Gacudai and her husband, the former Prince Consort, Masahito, Prince Alisugawa. He is currently heir-presumptive to the throne, and the heir-apparent to the title of Prince Alisugawa.

He is currently residing in Kieñseñ, in the former Corean Royal Palace, now an Imperial Palace, since 2010, in contrast to his brother Xigehito who resides in Quiòto, due to a decision by her aunt the regent to have at least a representative of the current Japanese/Corean Royal Family to live in Corea. He was chaperoned by satellite members of the Japanese and the former Corean royal families, but particularly by the head of the former Corean Royal Family, I Uen. He also learned Corean, adopted a Corean name (I Hak-in) when going to school, and is currently said to be more at home with Corean friends than Japanese, and consider I Uen's sons more like his siblings than Xigehito is.

Many in Japan, particularly the more traditionalist parts of politics, denounced the move by the Regent as a "plot to split Japan and Corea", with the more extreme calling Nolihito's Coreanization "brain-washing". There are speculations that the move was personal on the Prince's part due to a fight between his twin brother over a book, and the Regent, exasperated at the frequent fights, decided to move the younger brother out of the Emperor's way. Many also see this as a way to establish a new movement to give Corea a Viceroy, with Nolihito in mind.

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