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The current line of succession to the throne of Japan. Italics indicate minors, who would need a regent were they to ascend.

Current Order

  1. 学仁親王 Prince Nolihito (brother)
  2. 正宮眞子内親王 Maco, Princess Masaxi (aunt)
  3. 椿宮恵子内親王 Queico, Princess Çubaqui (aunt)
  4. 平安宮恒子内親王 Çuneco, Princess Heian (aunt)
  5. 桜花宮綾子内親王 Ayaco, Princess Òca (aunt)
  6. 秋篠宮文仁親王 Fumihito, Prince Aquixino (great uncle)
  7. 桜子内親王 Princess Sacuraco (1st cousin once removed; eldest daughter of Prince Aquixino)
  8. 佳子内親王 Princess Caco (1st cousin once removed; 2nd daughter of Prince Aquixino)
  9. 富士子内親王 Princess Fudjico (1st cousin once removed; 3rd daughter of Prince Aquixino)
  10. 常陸宮正仁親王 Masahito, Prince Hitatxi (great great-uncle; younger brother of Emperor Saisei)
  11. 秩父宮卯仁親王 Xigehito, Prince Txitxibu (1st cousin thrice removed; son of Emperor Go-Meidji)
  12. 和成親王 Prince Kazunali (2nd cousin twice removed; son of Xigehito)
  13. 悟成王 Prince Satonali (3rd cousin once removed; son of Kazunali)
  14. 宇治宮平成親王 Hiranali, Prince Udji (2nd cousin twice removed; son of Xigehito)
  15. 泰子内親王 Princess Quiòco (2nd cousin twice removed; daughter of Xigehito)
  16. 三笠宮崇仁親王 Tacahito, Prince Micasa (great-great-great-uncle; younger brother of Emperor Xòwa)
  17. 寛仁親王 Prince Tomohito (1st cousin thrice removed; eldest son of Prince Micasa)
  18. 瑶子女王 Princess Yuco (2nd cousin twice removed; 2nd daughter of Tomohito)
  19. 桂宮宜仁親王 Yoxihito, Prince Caçura (1st cousin thrice removed; 2nd son of Prince Micasa)
  20. 高円宮承子内親王 Çuguco, Princess Tacamado (2nd cousin twice removed; eldest daughter of deceased Nolihito, Prince Tacamado)
  21. 典子女王 Princess Nolico (2nd cousin twice removed; 2nd daughter of deceased Nolihito, Prince Tacamado)
  22. 絢子女王 Princess Ayaco (2nd cousin twice removed; 3rd daughter of deceased Nolihito, Prince Tacamado
  23. 有栖川宮全仁親王 Masahito, Prince Alisugawa (Father, Head of Alisugawa branch)
  24. 伏見宮博明親王 Hiroaqui, Prince Fuximi (Head of Fuximi branch)
  25. 閑院宮胖仁親王 Naohito, Prince Cañin (Head of Cañin branch)
  26. 東久邇宮信彦親王 Nobuhico, Prince Higaxi-Cuni (2nd cousin thrice removed; Head of Higaxi-Cuni branch)
  27. 東山宮勤親王 Çutomu, Prince Higaxiyama (3rd cousin twice removed; Head of Higaxiyama branch)
  28. 熊沢宮高信親王 Tacanobu, Prince Cumazawa (Distant cousin; Head of Cumazawa branch)
  29. 南北宮靖広親王 Yasuhiro, Prince Nambocu (2nd cousin twice removed; eldest son of Masaco, daughter of Prince Micasa, and Matahito of the Cumazawa branch)


Succession is according to male lines among the descendants of Emperor Meidji, with sons taking precedence over daughters. If the Meidji lineage should die out, then the head of one of the branch families would succeed, in the following order:

  1. Alisugawa
  2. Fuximi
  3. Cañin
  4. Higaxi-Cuni
  5. Higaxiyama
  6. Cumazawa
  7. Nambocu

Recent Changes

In Saisei 44 (1995), the law was revised to allow women in the Imperial Succession.

On Saisei 51 Xitxigaçu 18 (August 23, 2002), former Crown Prince Hiro was slain by members of the People's Party of Japan, a radical anti-monarchist group, in a terrorist attack at the Imperial Palace, which also wounded His Imperial Majesty the Emperor. Two servants were also killed. Those responsible have since been executed, and their supporters imprisoned.

On Saisei 53, Gogaçu 2 (June 6, 2004), Emperor Saisei resigned the throne, beginning the Gacudai reign.

On Gacudai 3, Xitxigaçu 23 (August 28, 2006), Empress Gacudai was assassinated in Lyons-sur-Mizouri along with First President Jean-François Young of Louisianne.

On Consai Gannen, Hatxigaçu 17 (September 21, 2006), Princess Regent Maco promoted Prince Higaxiyama to xinnò status.

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