Xigehito, Prince Txitxibu

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Txitxibu-no-miya Xigehito Xinnò
Relation to present Emperor: 1st cousin thrice removed
Imperial Ancestry: Son of Emperor Go-Meidji
Prince Txitxibu: 2nd
Date of birth: Go-Meidji 9 (1930)
Place of birth: Imperial Palace, Tòquiò (Edo)

His Imperial Highness Xigehito, Prince Txitxibu was the only son of Emperor Go-Meidji, also known as HIH Yasuhito, Prince Txitxibu, and was born during his reign.

He became the second Prince Txitxibu upon his father's death, in 1953, shortly after his cousin's ascension, and was a major critic of his reign, manuevering to have himself crowned Emperor, as the son of the former Go-Meidji, who he argued was deposed illegally.

He has three children, two sons, Kazunali and Hiranali, and a daughter Quiòco.

In 1995, he was 4th in line for the throne, after the then-Emperor's two sons and brother. Furthermore, none of the three ahead of him had male offspring, while he had two sons. The change in the succession law moved him down to 11th in line. The unpopularity of Prince Txitxibu and his sons played a significant role in the passing of the revised law.

Preceded by:
Masahito, Prince Hitatxi
Succession to the Chrysanthemum Throne Followed by:
Prince Kazunali
Preceded by:
Prince Txitxibu
1953 –