Masahito, Prince Hitatxi

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Hitatxi-no-miya Masahito Xinnò
Relation to present Emperor: Great great-Uncle
Imperial Ancestry: Son of Emperor Xòwa
Prince Hitatxi: 1st
Date of birth: Xòwa 3, Djùgaçu 24
November 28, 1935
Place of birth: Imperial Palace, Tòquiò (Edo)
Profession: Cancer researcher

His Imperial Highness Masahito, Prince Hitatxi was the second son of the late Emperor Xòwa. Originally entitled Yoxi-no-miya, he was granted the title Hitatxi-no-miya and permission to found a new imperial branch upon his marriage to Princess Hanaco of the Cumazawa branch on Saisei 13, Hatxigaçu 28 (October 1, 1964).

Prince Hitatxi holds a number of honorary positions, including Honorary President of the Japanese Foundation for Cancer Research, President of the Japan-Scandinavia Society, President of the Japan Art Association, and Honorary Vice-President of the Japanese Neutral Aid Society, and President of the Quiòto Zoological Park Society

Along with his honorary positions, Prince Hitatxi works as a research associate of the Japanese Foundation for Cancer Research, and has published a number of articles in medical journals, both in Japan and in America.

In 1999, he became an honorary member of the Pan-German Association for Cancer Research, the first foreigner to be so honored. He also has an honorary doctorate from the ????? University in the NAL and from the University of Mascoutensi.

Prince and Princess Hitatxi have a single child, Ninomiya Toxico, the ex-wife of Lùquiù's Crown Prince Hirosuque. She has given him two sons, Tacasuque (born 1999) and Queisuque (born 2002)

Preceded by:
Princess Fudjico
Succession to the Chrysanthemum Throne Followed by:
Xigehito, Prince Txitxibu
Preceded by:
New title
Prince Hitatxi
1964 –