Naruhito, Prince Hiro

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Hiro-no-miya Naruhito Xinnò
Relation to Present Emperor Grandfather
Imperial Ancestry Son of Emperor Saisei
Title at death Crown Prince
Date of birth Saisei 5, Itxigaçu 20
February 23, 1956
Place of birth Imperial Palace
Date of death Saisei 51, Xitxigaçu 18
August 23, 2002
Place of death Imperial Palace

His Imperial Highness Naruhito, Prince Hiro was the firtborn son of Emperor Saisei and father of Empress Gacudai. Prince Hiro was, like his father, Heir Apparent from the moment of his birth. He was educated at the Gacuin, and earned a master's in history. As the Heir-Apparent, pressure was great to marry and ensure the continued survival of the imperial line. He was formally given the title of Crown Prince on Saisei 23, Itxigaçu 1 (February 4, 1974). In Saisei 28 (1979), he married ... and fathered his first daughter, Aico, Princess Toxi, who later became Empress Gacudai, on Saisei 31, Xigaçu 19 (May 25, 1982). He eventually fathered four more daughters, but no sons.

On Saisei 51, Xitxigaçu 18 (August 23, 2002), terrorists from the People's Party of Japan, a radical anti-monarchist group, launched a brazen attack in the Imperial Palace itself, several of their members having infiltrated the palace staff. His Imperial Highness the Crown Prince was brutally murdered, and the then-Emperor was wounded. The terrorists were promptly killed by the palace guards, and their organization has since been destroyed, many members either executed or imprisoned. In Saisei 53, a new coin, called the cò (浩), from an alternate reading of the same kanji used for his title, was released, with a value of 20 fun, to honor the slain prince, only the second coin in Japanese history to bear a face on it.


The late Prince had five daughters