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The People's Party of Japan is a radical anti-monarchist terrorist group in Japan. They also advocate the separation of Corea from the rest of the Empire, which they would rename the Republic of Japan.

They are most noted for the assassination of Naruhito, Prince Hiro, and the attempted assassination of Emperor Saisei. Since that event, much of their leadership has been incarcerated or killed. They remain in existence, having gone underground, and are currently subject to surveillance by the Imperial Security Intelligence Agency.

They have been linked by some to the religious sect Òmu Xinliquiò.


The original People's Party was founded shortly after the Civil War as a merger of several pro-republican parties, sickened by the violence between the two rivals to the Throne. In the early years, they were a genuine political party, seeking peaceful means of their goal. They were never a major party, and by the mid 60's had lost all seats in the Coccai.

In 1972, the party split into the People's Party of Corea and the People's Party of Japan, remaining, initially, in close alliance, both seeking democratization and separation of the two states. The two parties gradually began to drift apart, and in 1981, the People's Party of Corea merged with the Chosen Party to form the Corean Nationalist Party.

The People's Party of Japan, meanwhile, became increasingly hostile towards the establishment. In 1979, Inucai Ban became the head of the party, and took the party in a far more radical direction, advocating the use of violence. Moderates abandoned the party, and the party became a full-fledged terrorist organization. Their crimes were initially minor, threatening letters, vandalism, and so forth. However, in 1987, they graduated to murder, killing a professor at Òsaca Imperial University whom they saw as particularly anti-Republican. After that, they went into hiding again, until, in 1995, they assassinated Prime Minister Haximoto Ryotaro. Much of their membership was rounded up at that time, and they were believed to have been destroyed. This belief proved false in 2002, when they attacked the Imperial Palace itself, the product of almost seven years of preparation.

It was believed by the police and the government that the People's Party were the mastermind behind the assassination of Empress Empress Gacudai in Louisianne in 2006.