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The Corean Nationalist Party was formed in 1981 from a merger of the former Chosen Party and the People's Party of Corea. They advocate independence for Corea under a restored Chosen Dynasty (although some members advocate a republic or a new dynasty). They currently control 22 seats in the Imperial Parliament and ??? seats in the Corean Parliament.


The CNP's predecessors, the Chosen Party and the People's Party of Corea, both had long histories. The People's Party of Corea originated as a schism of the old People's Party (see People's Party of Japan for more information).

The Chosen Party originated during the Chinese Interregnum. After the Liberation, they fought against the Provisional Government, seeking to restore the monarchy. They fought hard against the Japanese troops sent to restore order, whom they saw as imperialists. During the early 60's, they continued resistence against Corea's incorporation into Japan, violently at first, but in 1963, the leaders renounced the use of violence, and entered politics. A more radical branch split off at that time, calling themselves the Corean Liberation Army.

The Chosen Party grew in power, until by 1973, they controlled the Corean Kukhoi, and had a considerable share of the Imperial Coccai as well. In 1974, they introduced a proposed amendment to the Constitution which would've established an office of Viceroy of Corea. The amendment was passed by the Parliament, Corea, and two Regions, but fell far short of the 5 Regions needed. This proved to be the zenith of the party, and it has declined considerably since then.