Queico, Princess Çubaqui

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Çubaqui-no-miya Queico Naixinnò
Relation to present Emperor: Aunt
Imperial Ancestry: Granddaughter of Emperor Saisei
Date of birth: Saisei 35, Rocugaçu 11
July 16, 1986
Place of birth: Quiòto
Profession: Diplomat

Her Imperial Highness Queico, Princess Çubaqui is the elder of identical twins. She is currently a student at Harvard University in the NAL, having begun in August, 2005. She is fluent in Japanese, Korean, and English, and is currently studying French. She also has conversation-level fluency in Russian and Mandarin.

She majored in political science at Harvard University, and entered the diplomatic service. There have been some concerns over having so close a relative to the Emperor being a diplomat of the Empire, but both the late Empress and Princess Çubaqui have insisted that no advantage will be taken of the close relationship.

She was the Japanese ambassador to Tejas until May 18, 2017, when she resigned due to her older sister's marriage to a commoner. Under Japanese law, a female on the succession who marries a commoner will become a commoner herself and thus excluded from succession.

Preceded by:
Maco, Princess Masaxi
Succession to the Chrysanthemum Throne Followed by:
Çuneco, Princess Heian