Çuneco, Princess Heian

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Heian-no-miya Çuneco Naixinnò
Relation to present Emperor: Aunt
Imperial Ancestry: Granddaughter of Emperor Saisei
Date of birth: Saisei 35, Rocugaçu 11
July 16, 1986
Place of birth: Quiòto
Profession: Literature teacher

Her Imperial Highness Çuneco, Princess Heian is the younger of identical twins. She graduated from Quiòto Imperial University, majoring in literature.

She has written two published novels under the rather transparent pen-name Yasuhira Çuneco (安平恒子), the surname Yasuhira being her title with reversed candji. She is considered by many literary critics to be a very promising author with a bright future ahead of her.

Published Novels

Preceded by:
Queico, Princess Çubaqui
Succession to the Chrysanthemum Throne Followed by:
Ayaco, Princess Òca