Naohito, Prince Cañin

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Cañin-no-miya Naohito Xinnò
Relation to present Emperor Great Grandfather
Prince Cañin 8th
Date of birth Xòwa 2, Djùgaçu 20
November 24, 1934
Place of birth
Profession Imperial Naval Captain (retired)

His Imperial Highness Naohito, Prince Cañin is the great grandfather of the present Emperor. He gained the title on Saisei 37, Gogaçu 14 (June 18, 1988) upon the death of his father, Prince Cañin Haruhito. He served in the Imperial Navy from the age of 18 until his retirement at the age of 62. At his retirement, he held the rank of Captain, commanding the aircraft carrier HIJMS Còya.


Prince Cañin has four children, two sons and two daughters

  • Ayahito (b. 1957), 2 sons
  • Tanaca Meico (b. 1959), 3 sons
  • Hicaruhito, Prince Ise (b. 1961), 1 daughter
  • Xiquixima Yùco (b. 1964), 2 daughters

Preceded by:
Hiroaqui, Prince Fuximi
Succession to the Chrysanthemum Throne Followed by:
Nobuhico, Prince Higaxi-Cuni
Preceded by:
Prince Cañin
1988 –