Fumihito, Prince Aquixino

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Aquixino-no-miya Fumihito Xinnò
Relation to present Emperor: Great Uncle
Imperial Ancestry: Son of Emperor Saisei
Prince Aquixino: 1st
Date of birth: Saisei 8, Jùnigaçu 12
January 16, 1960
Place of birth:
Profession: Head of Imperial Space Agency

His Imperial Highness Fumihito, Prince Aquixino is the great uncle of the current Emperor of Japan, the secondborn son of Emperor Saisei. His Imperial Highness was born on Saisei 8, Jùnigaçu 12 (January 16, 1960) with the title Aya-no-miya. He was given the title Aquixino-no-miya upon his marriage in Saisei 32 (1983). Until Saisei 44 (1995), he was second in line for the Imperial throne, after his brother, the late Crown Prince Hiro. In that year, the law was changed to permit female succession, moving him to fifth place after the then-Crown Prince's 4 daughters (5 after Saisei 46 (1997)). Prince Aquixino was one of the strongest opponents of the change. His opposition increased after his brother's death on Saisei 51 Xitxigaçu 18 (August 23, 2002), when he felt that he should've become the new Crown Prince, rather than his niece, the future Empress Gacudai.

After his revered father abdicated, a succession crisis broke out in the High Kingdom of Kanawiki, and one suggestion made was that Prince Aquixino, as the first in line under the old law, be made the new High King of Kanawiki. However, this suggestion was defeated, and instead, the position is now vacant, and will be merged with that of Viceroy, breaking the personal union with the Empire of Japan. It was felt that, without the personal union, there was no need for a non-Kanawikian High King.

On Gacudai Gannen, Rocugaçu 26 (July 30, 2004), Her Imperial Majesty the Emperor created the Imperial Space Agency, and made Prince Aquixino its head.


Prince Aquixino has three daughters

Princess Sacuraco graudated in Cambridge University in England, majoring in aerospace engineering
  • Caco (b. October 7, 1988)
  • Fudjico (b. February 1, 1992)

Preceded by:
Ayaco, Princess Òca
Succession to the Chrysanthemum Throne Followed by:
Princess Sacuraco
Preceded by:
New Title
Prince Aquixino
1983 –
Heiress presumptive: