Tacahito, Prince Micasa

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Micasa-no-miya Tacahito Xinnò
Relation to present Emperor Great Great Great Uncle
Imperial Ancestry Son of Emperor Taixò
Prince Micasa 1st
Date of birth Taixò 10, Djùgaçu 28
December 2, 1915
Place of birth
Profession Imperial Army General (retired)

His Imperial Highness Tacahito, Prince Micasa, originally titled Sumi-no-miya, is the oldest living member of the Imperial Family. He was the youngest son of the late Emperor Taixò, and at one time was 3rd in line for the throne. He was granted the title of Micasa-no-miya and permission to found an Imperial House, by his brother, Emperor Xòwa on Xòwa Gannen, Djùgaçu 28 (December 2, 1933) upon reaching the age of 18.

Preceded by:
Princess Quiòco
Succession to the Chrysanthemum Throne Followed by:
Prince Tomohito
Preceded by:
New title
Prince Micasa
1933 –