Emperor Taixò

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Emperor Taixò
Relation to present Emperor Great great great grandfather
Relation to predecessor: Son
Relation to successor: Father
Original Name: 明宮嘉仁親王
Yoxihito, Prince Haru
Emperor of Japan: 123rd
Date of birth: Meidji 12, Xitxigaçu 26
August 31, 1879
Date of death: Taixò 17, Djùgaçu 19
November 23, 1922

Emperor Taixò was the only surviving son of Emperor Meidji. He is the ancestor of the main lineage of the modern Imperial Family. Shortly after birth, the infant Heir Apparent contracted meningitis, which left him mentally and physically crippled. During his reign, he excercised no power, power being held by his advisors, and later his sons as Regents. It was later determined that the cause of his death was poisoning by anti-Chinese factions, possibly with the knowledge of the future Emperor Go-Meidji. He reiged from the death of his father, on Meidji 39, Rocugaçu 7 (July 12, 1906) until his own death on Taixò 17, Djùgaçu 19 (November 23, 1922), when he was succeeded by his second son, who became Emperor Go-Meidji


Taixò had four sons

Preceded by:
New Title
President of East Asian Federation
1912 – 1922
Succeeded by:
Preceded by:
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Emperor of Japan
1906 – 1922