Çutomu, Prince Higaxiyama

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Higaxiyama-no-miya Çutomu Xinnò
Relationship to present Emperor: Third cousin twice removed
Prince Higaxiyama: 1st
Date of birth: Xòwa 7
Place of birth:
Profession: University professor (ret.)
Imperial Advisor

His Imperial Highness Çutomu, Prince Higaxiyama is the 1st head of the Higaxiyama branch, and was the second son of Prince Fuximi Hiroyoxi. In Saisei 8 (1959), the then-reigning Emperor made him the head of a new house, the Higaxiyama house.

Prince Higaxiyama taught International Law and East Asian History at the Imperial University until Saisei 36 (1987) when he resigned his position to become an advisor to the then-Emperor. He continued to advise the Empress Gacudai, and will likely continue to advise Maco, Princess Masaxi, the Imperial Regent.

On Consai Gannen, Hatxigaçu 17 (September 21, 2006), the Regent bestowed upon him the title of xinnò

Prince Higaxi-Fuximi has two sons
香王 Caoru (born Saisei 29 (1980))
博幸王 Hiroyuqui (born Saisei 31 (1982))

Preceded by:
Nobuhico, Prince Higaxi-Cuni
Succession to the Chrysanthemum Throne Followed by:
Tacanobu, Prince Cumazawa
Preceded by:
New title
Prince Higaxiyama
1959 –
Heir apparent: