Hiroyuqui, Prince Comaçu

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Wang Fùxīng (福星)
King of Hunan
formerly 小松宮博之王
Hiroyuqui, Prince Comaçu
Regnal Name Fùxīng (福星)
Relation to present Emperor: 3rd cousin thrice removed
Comaçu-no-miya: 4th
Date of birth: Saisei 31, Xitxigaçu 12
July 12, 1982
Place of birth: Fukuxima, Japan.
Profession: Vice-President, Production, Dorris Motorworks, Japan Division.

Hiroyuqui, Prince Comaçu, stylized Comaçu Hiroyuqui, is the second son of Çutomu, Prince Higaxiyama.

He studied business at Quiòto University, then received a Masters Diploma from Oxford, in England. He speaks fluent Cantonese, Hunanese, Francien, and English, as well as his native Japanese.

While studying at Oxford, he met and married Cheng Xiaolan, of Hunan. They have three children, one son, Hiro, and twin daughters Pei, and Mei.

Prince Comaçu is a leader of industry, and has served in the transitional capacity for Miçubixi Motors, and now serves as Vice-President of Production for Dorris Motorworks East. Under his leadership production has reached all-time highs, and Kia Motors is threatened for the premier position in the motorcar sector of the economy for the first time in history.

He was granted a princely title, a former branch of the Imperial House was restored in 2014, by the Imperial Regent.

On September 24, 2015, he was crowned King Fùxīng of Hunan. His coronation is seen as ushering in a new age for the beleaguered Chinese country, and may result in a new era of prosperity, stability, and cooperation in East Asia.

With his assumption of the throne he renounced his rights to the nobility in Japan, and thus his elder daughter, Pei, became the heir presumptive of the House of Comaçu.

Preceded by:
King of Hunan
2015 - Present
Heir Apparent:
Preceded by:
(1943 - 2001)
Prince Comaçu
2014 - 2015
Followed by: