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Miçubixi Heavy Industries ((三菱重工業) is one of several companies spun off of the Miçubixi Zaibaçu in Saisei 5 (1956). Today, they are the largest manufacturer of military equipment for the Japanese military, and also some foreign nations, most recently Louisianne. Military sales are their largest market.

The Miçubixi Zaibaçu originated as a shipping firm founded in Meidji 3 (1870). At one time, Miçubixi was a major auto manufacturer in Japan, but Miçubixi Motors has been steadily declining since the 5th decade of the Saisei era (1990's). MHI is currently in negotiations with Dorris Motorworks to sell the remaining auto factories, ending Miçubixi Motors as an independent company. Dorris Motorworks does intend to continue use of the Mitçubixi name, using it to launch a new 'sports-car' line in the next 5 years.

Divisions of Miçubixi Heavy Industries

  • Miçubixi Motors
  • Miçubixi Atomic Works
  • Miçubixi Chemical
  • Miçubixi Aeronautics - heavily employed by ATOE and CNEL.
  • Miçubixi Military
  • Niccò - Specializes in cameras, microscopes, binoculars, etc. (*here*'s Nikon)