Miçubixi Aeronautics

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Miçubixi Aeronautics
Type Division, Miçubixi Heavy Industries
Slogan Bringing the world together, one launch at a time.
Founded 1956 (Saisei 5)
Location Quiotò, Japan
Key people Aico Yamamoto, Spokeswoman
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Industry Rocketry, Space
Products Sarutahico Rockets
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The national pioneer of the Aerospace industry, Miçubixi Heavy Industries Aeronautics division has received a great shot in the arm because of the increased interest by the world in Space development. With the re-design of the Sarutahico space vessel, Miçubixi HI Aeronautics signed an exclusive deal developping the rockets and other propulsion systems for ATOE.

This doesn't mean that MHI:A has a monopoly on this market; part of the contract is that Mitçubixi must remain competitive with other world markets. Mitçubixi spokeswoman, Aico Yamamoto, said "Mitçubixi is excited to launch Japan and Louisianne into space, bringing the world closer together, one launch at a time."

Miçubixi's Aeronautics team is responsible for developing the second generation Sarutahico rocket that was used in late 2004 to propel ATOE into space with manned spaceflight. It is also expected that the Aeronautics division will continue to work with ATOE and develop further, larger rockets.

Recent negotiations with Nam Viet may result in a major production plant being constructed somewhere there, near the equator.