Harunoli, Prince Taqueda

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Taqueda-no-miya Harunoli Ò
Relationship to present Emperor 3rd cousin twice removed
Prince Taqueda 3rd
Date of Birth Go-Meidji 5, Gogaçu 18
July 3, 1926
Place of Birth
Profession Ambassador (Ret)

His Imperial Highness Harunoli, Prince Taqueda was the second son of Prince Caya Çuneyoli. He is now retired, having last served as Director of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Training Institute, and formerly served as ambassador to Judea (1981-1983), the Scandinavian Realm (1983-1989), and Brasil (1989-1993).

He was granted the title of Taqueda-no-miya, which had been vacant since its last holder, Prince Çuneyoxi, died in the Great Cantò Earthquake, by Emperor Saisei in Saisei 2 (1953). He had no children, and the title will die with him.

Preceded by:
Prince Taqueda
Heir to title: