Antoine II Bourbon-Le Moyne

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Antoine II Bourbon-Le Moyne
Title: Dauphin (pretender)
 Term in office: February 10, 1985–Present
 Predecessor: Louis-Antoine Bourbon-Le Moyne
 Successor: none
 Date: January 3, 1980
 Place: Ville-Marie, New Francy
Profession: Businessman
Political Party: none
Religious Affiliation: Latin Rite Catholic


Antoine II was born January 3, 1980 to Louis-Antoine and his wife Hélène in Ville-Marie, New Francy. Antoine's childhood was spent in relative anonymity in New Francy until he became a teenager and quickly became a sensation with the news. He began attending Harvard University with a focus on international business.

While he does hold his title of Comte des Ozarques, Antoine II doesn't make a big deal of it, and is more notable for his membership in the fraternity Epsilon Kappa Iota. He is currently pursuing his second masters in international economics. It is expected that as Louis-Antoine retires, Antoine II will lead the family businesses.

Rumors of a romantic relationship between himself and the then-Princess Aquico of Micasa were validated when their engagement was announced on December 21, 2005. They were wed on August 25, 2006.

Along with his wife, he has recently begun a musical side project, which has released a single and may someday release an album (although probably not in the near future).

He is also a good friend of Jean-François Young, Fils, which has lead to some controversy in Louisianne and New Francy, particularly among the nationalists of both nations.

Preceded by:
Louis-Antoine Bourbon-Le Moyne
Dauphin of Louisianne
Succeeded by:
Dauphin of France