Louis-Antoine Bourbon-Le Moyne

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Louis-Antoine Bourbon-Le Moyne
Title: Prince (pretender)
 Term in office: February 10, 1985–Present
 Predecessor: Louis III Bourbon-Le Moyne
 Heir-Apparent: Antoine II Bourbon-Le Moyne
 Date: October 24, 1951
 Place: Ville-Marie, New Francy
Profession: none
Political Party: none
Religious Affiliation: Latin Rite Catholic

Louis-Antoine is the most commonly recognized heir to the Louisiannan throne, and has the backing of the entire Bourbon-Anjou delegation, should the Louisiannan throne ever be restored. Because the chances of this are indeed so small, Louis-Antoine spends his time acting as a humanitarian around the (French-speaking) world. His visits to Louisianne often spark interest in the tabloids, even though the press given to him is invariably positive.


Louis-Antoine spent much of his childhood in Ville-Marie, observing his father's efforts in the family oil business and banking firms. It was from his father that Louis-Antoine took control after completing his graduate studies at Harvard University.

As his father before him, Louis-Antoine is known to the press as the Duc de la Nouvelle-Orléans. Prior to his father's passing, Louis-Antoine was known as the Comte des Ozarques. This title has hence passed to his son, Antoine II Bourbon-Le Moyne, as the perceived heir to the throne.

Louis-Antoine has maintained his family's oil-interests, but has carefully diversified the family holdings into other industries, aware of the old saying of keeping one's eggs in one basket. Current family interests include aerospace, train, boat and other forms of transport, as well as a minor interest in Borgne-Hardi.

Humanitarian Interests

Louis-Antoine has devoted his time to promoting humanitarian causes around the world, leaving the day-to-day of his corporate ventures in the capable hands of his cousins. As such, he is constantly traveling the globe, spending very little time in New Francy.


Louis-Antoine is rumored to appear in the novel recently written by Daniel Hicken regarding the aftermath of the assassination of Jean-François Young and the Empress Gacudai. No official response has been given regarding the novel, or to the truth of his involvement in the adventures written about.

Preceded by:
Lucien II Bourbon-Le Moyne
Prince of Louisianne
Antoine II Bourbon-Le Moyne
King of France