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The right to the throne of France, should it ever be restored is hotly disputed between the Bourbon-Anjou and the Bourbon-Orléans lines. While the most commonly accepted heirs to the throne are those of the Bourbon Anjou line, there also exists a schism within the house of Bourbon-Anjou as to the right to the French throne and that of the Principality of Louisianne, should it be restored. This schism is small, and very lightly contested by a very small number of the house. Note that the title of Dauphin refers to the oldest son of the current pretenter to the throne of France.

The line of claimants from Henry V, last King of France and Navarra are as follows:



Because of the intermarriage of Henry VI with Guenaëlle Le Moyne de Bienville, many in the royal family felt that the divine right was thus passed to the nearest heir outside of the direct line.

  • Philippe VII (1842-1894)
  • Philippe VIII (1894-1926)
  • Jean III (1926-1940)
  • Henry VI (1940-1999)
  • Henry VII (1999-Present)
  • François (dauphin)

The Anjou line asserts that François being physically incapacitated would never be able to ascend to the throne, and all claims by the Orléans line are ended at the death of Henry VII.