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The title of Prince of Louisianne was bestowed by Philippe II, Regent of France upon Jean-Baptiste le Moyne at the marriage of Jean-Baptiste and Louis XIV's daughter Louise, Mademoiselle du Maine. This title persisted until the French Revolution, and has been maintained in the claims of representatives of the Bourbon-Anjou family since that time.

Because of a later marriage to Henri V's eldest son, Henri VI, who was heir to the French throne, Benoît II and all descendants are heirs to the French throne as well, making them King of France and Prince of Louisianne.

List of Princes of Louisianne

Princes of Louisianne

  1. Jean-Baptiste Le Moyne de Bienville 1723-1764
  2. Alphonse-Robert Le Moyne de Bienville 1764-1783
  3. Henri I Le Moyne de Bienville 1783-1802 (Henri was from 1790 considered a pretender to the throne, as are all descendents).
  4. Alphonse Le Moyne de Bienville 1802-1805
  5. Louis I Le Moyne de Bienville 1805-1813 (brother to Alphonse)
  6. François I Le Moyne de Bienville 1813-1825 (youngest son of Henri I Le Moyne de Bienville, father to Marie Josephine).
  7. François II Le Moyne de Bienville 1825-1849
  8. François III Le Moyne de Bienville 1849-1851 (abdicated in a sex-scandal)
  9. Benoît I Le Moyne de Bienville 1851-1867 (descended of Henri I's younger brother Jean-Baptiste II.)
  10. Philobert I, Le Moyne de Bienville 1867-1872
  11. Henri II Le Moyne de Bienville 1872-1879
  12. Benoît II Bourbon-Le Moyne 1879-1900
  13. Antoine I Bourbon-Le Moyne 1900-1940
  14. Lucien I Bourbon-Le Moyne 1940-1941
  15. Lucien II Bourbon-Le Moyne 1941-1985
  16. Louis-Antoine Bourbon-Le Moyne 1985-Present
  17. Antoine II Bourbon-Le Moyne (heir apparent)

Louisiannan Related Royals

The grand-daughter of the last reigning Prince of Louisianne, Marie-Josephine Le Moyne de Bienville married Karl Fuersten zu Solms--Braunfels. It is through this marriage that Tejan royals have a position in the ascendancy to the French throne, although this claim will most likely never be legitimated.