Aquico Bourbon-Le Moyne

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Aquico Bourbon-Le Moyne
Relation to Present Emperor 2nd cousin twice removed
Imperial Ancestry Great-granddaughter of Emperor Taixò
Date of Birth Saisei 30, Jùitxigaçu 16
December 20, 1981
Profession University Doctoral Candidate, currently at Harvard University

Aquico Bourbon-Le Moyne, formerly Her Imperial Highness Princess Aquico, is the firstborn child of HIH Prince Tomohito. She now holds the title of Comtess des Ozarques.

She was born on December 20, 1981 (Saisei 30, Jùitxigaçu 16). She graduated from high school in 1999, and entered Quiòto Imperial University the same year. In 2002, she transferred to Harvard University in Massachussets Bay, NAL. She is currently working on a master's in political science, specializing in Condominiums and the Empty Throne phenomenon.

She has visited Louisianne on several occassions, once meeting First President Jean-François Young with her cousin, Empress Gacudai.

She became close friends with both Antoine II Bourbon-Le Moyne, heir-apparent (pretender) to the thrones of both France and Louisianne and to Jean-François Young, Fils, son of the former First-President of Louisianne. Rumors of a romantic relationship with one (or both) of those two were put to rest when her engagement to Bourbon-Le Moyne was announced. In 2004, she converted to Catholicism. The wedding was held on August 25, 2006 (Gacudai 3, Xitxigaçu 20), and at the same time, she left the Imperial Family. At the time of her marriage, she was 20th in line for the Imperial Throne and 3rd in line for the head of the Micasa House.

Recently, she and her husband have started a band, with Antoine on guitars, keyboards, drums, backing vocals and trumpets, and Aquico on vocals, violin, bass and turntables. They recently released a single, "Coeur de Soleil", which has received praise from various important figures in music like Teoria Hibrida's Jose Han. They assert that this band is really only for their friends in Ville-Marie, and they're not likely to pursue it further, but that it's "just for fun." However, they have stated that perhaps they may make an indie album eventually, if only just to show that they can. Periodic rumours about them starting work on an album have recently been bandied about in French, Castilian and Japanese tabloids; these are usually shot down by anyone who actually knows the duo.