Massachussets Bay

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Province of Massachusetts Bay
Flag of Massachussets Bay
Subdivision of: The North American League
 Largest: Boston
 Other: Worchester, Springfield, Lowell, Cambridge, Quincey
 Official: English
 Others: Gaeilg, Brithenig
Governor: Matthias Romney
Established: 1620,
Admission to NAL: 1803 (7th)

Massachussets Bay was one of the original founding members of the NAL. Named after local Indian tribe whose name means "a large hill place"


Jagged indented coast around Cape Cod; flatland yields to stony upland pastures near central region and gentle hill country in west; land in west is rocky, sandy and not fertile.

Massachussets Bay is bordered on the north by New Hampshire and Vermont, on the west by New Castreleon, on the south by Connecticut and Rhode Island, and on the east by the Atlantic Ocean. At the southeastern corner of the state is a large, sandy, arm-shaped peninsula called Cape Cod. The islands of Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket lie to the south of Cape Cod.


Massachussets Bay is home to Harvard University the oldest university in North America. Because of its prestige the rich and powerful very often send their children to be educated here.

Boston is home to both respectable newspapers like the Boston Globe, and others of a more salacious nature, such as the Boston Expositor.

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