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Province of Mobile
Flag of Mobile
Subdivision of: The North American League
 Capital: Mobile City
 Official: English
Established: 1806, Loss of West Florida
Admission to NAL: 1819 (23rd)

Mobile, originally known as English West Florida, dates back to 1806, when Castile-Leon took East and West Florida back from the young NAL. With assistance from Cherokee Nation, part of West Florida, the territory between 31° N and 32°28' N, was preserved. This territory came to be referred to as English West Florida, and became a kind of protectorate of Cherokee Nation. A few years later, a land swap was negotiated between Cherokee Nation and English West Florida in which EWF would cede its eastern territory in exchange for which Cherokee Nation would give up claims to the League territory north of English West Florida, which at the time was not a part of either province, and would help English West Florida get recognition for their claim, which they soon got. In 1819, when Castile offered to sell the trans-Perdido, English West Florida and Cherokee Nation purchased the land (English West Florida was required to renounce its claims to Castilian lands, this is generally recognized as the end of West Florida and the beginning of Mobile Province). English West Florida moved its capital to the city of Mobile, soon afterwards renaming itself Mobile Province after the new capital. After Florida-Caribbea's invasion in the 1970's, Mobile's capital was moved northward, perhaps to *here*'s Jackson (unsure what the name would be *there*). Mobile is in the process of returning the capital to Mobile City.

The Louisianne colony of Biloxi et Mobile is completely surrounded by Mobile territory.

Mobile province is perhaps most famous for its MP, Mr Geoffrey Sessions who is, to put it in the words of the Star of Georgetown, " eccentric proponent of almost any lunatic rubbish his mind may scrape from the depthless muck of his fertile imagination..."

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