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Province of Miami Nation
Flag of Miami
Subdivision of: North American League
 Capital: Kekionga
 Largest: ???
 Other: ???
 Official: Miami, English
 Others: Iroquois dialects, Brithenig
King: ???])
Area: c. ??? square miles
Population: ??? persons
Established: 18??, Reunification
Admission to NAL: 1835 (26th)

Miami is a native province in the northwest, bordering two of the Great Lakes. The Miami nation is closely related to the Illinoise nation.

Administrative Divisions

Miami is divided into 6 provinces

  • Atchakangouen (also Atchatchakangouen or Greater Miami)
  • Kilatika
  • Mengkonkia (Mengakonia)
  • Pepikokia
  • Piankeshaw (Newcalenous)
  • Wea (Ouiatenon)


In the early 17th century, when the Miami first encountered Europeans, they were living near Lake Michigan, having been pushed there by the Aquanishuonigy. By the 18th century, they had regained much of their eastern lands, reaching their current extent.

Shortly after the formation of the North American League, leaders from the Six Nations began talking with the Miami and other native nations in the northwest. The various Miami chiefs met in Kekionga to form a more unified entity. They chose to adopt a monarchical system, and the first King, ???, began a program of modernization.

In 1825, King ??? approached the Council Fire to seek admission to the NAL. Though the Aquanishuonigy were welcoming of them, the European provinces were more reluctant.

During the 1828 War, the Miami, along with several other nations, allied with the NAL against Louisianne. This alliance led to greater acceptance by the European provinces, resulting in their admission in 1835.



Miami is borders
North: Utawia
West: Ouisconsin
South: Illinoise, Kentucky
East: Aquanishuonigy

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