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Provincia de la Florida Oriental
Province of East Florida
Proposed Flag of East Florida
Subdivision of: The North American League
Capital: San Agustín
Official Languages: English, Castilian
Established: 1705, Division of Florida
Admission to NAL: 1803 (17th)
Readmission to NAL: 2004

La Florida Oriental, or East Florida, is the northern part of the mainland territory of the former Florida-Caribbea, east of the Apalachicola River. Its capital is at San Augustín. It consists of the former Florida-Caribbean distritos of Apalachicola, Aucilla, Suani, Avilés, San Agustín, Alachua, and parts of Bahía de Tampa, Orlando, and Ais


Administrative Divisions

East Florida is divided into 9 distritos or districts, for the most part based on the FC distritos of the same name.

  • Apalachicola
  • Aucilla
  • Suani
  • Avilés
  • San Agustín (incorporates northern parts of the former Distrito de Ais)
  • Alachua
  • Bahía de Tampa del Norte (the part of the former FC distrito outside of the Condominium with Ireland)
  • Bahía de Tampa (Condominium territory)
  • Apopka (NAL portion of former Distrito de Orlando)


First Castilian Period (1565-1705)

The history of Castilian rule in East Florida begins in 1565, when the city of San Augustín was founded. Florida was considered largely unimportant by the Castilians, and gradually lost territory in the north to English colonies. During this period, the Castilian claim only extended southward to about 29° N. Florida was ceded, in 1705, to England.

English Period (1705-1803)

England divided Florida into two halves, setting Pensacola as the capital of West Florida (whose borders were also extended northward). Several years later, the Castilians founded a settlement at Tampa Bay, and named the southern part of the peninsula La Florida del Sur (South Florida), with the 29th parallel as its northern border. The English began an intensive program of developing the Floridas and attracting settlers, filling the Floridas with English colonists.

First NAL Period (1803-1806)

In 1803, East and West Florida became founding members of the NAL. The Floridas continued to attract settlers

Second Castilian Period (1806-1898)

In 1806, Castile invaded the Floridas, reannexing them. Until 1898, East Florida remained a Castilian province, continuing to attract settlers, including many English-speakers from the NAL.

República de la Florida Oriental (1898-1900)

In 1898, the Floridas declared independance from Castile as 3 separate - and brief - republics, which soon merged to form la República Nacionalista y Revolucionista de las Floridas.

Florida-Caribbea (1900-2004)

East Florida merged with West Florida and South Florida to form the Republic of the Floridas (full name: La República Nacionalista y Revolucionista de las Floridas) in 1900. See Florida-Caribbea for more details. During this period, the north became increasingly neglected, and secessionist movements developed in the former NAL provinces of East and West Florida, aimed at returning to the NAL. These movements were crushed, and went underground. East and West Florida were liberated in 2004 after the Florida War.

Second NAL Period (2004- )

East Florida was placed under temporary NAL military occupation, with a provisional governing council. East Florida suffered more resistence, particularly in the south, than did West Florida. On July 5, 2004, the people of East and West Florida approved referenda asking for provincial status. They were readmitted as provinces in 2005.

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