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Border Proposal

I've been wondering about this for a while, particularly since the northern border of East Florida stretches a bit further to the northeast *there* than *here*. So, here's my idea:

Northern border: In the west, starts at the joining of the Flint and Chattahoochee rivers, continues due east (as opposed to *here* where its slightly southeast) until it meets the Suwanee River, follows the Suwanee until it turns westwards, and from that point follows a straight line to the mouth of the Altamaha River

Southern border: Historically, the 29th parallel, now, determined by where NAL and RTC/Irish troops met. Partial definition: From the east, follow the 29th parallel until you reach the St Johns River, go south until you reach the Wakiva River, then follow that until it bends northward. South by southwest until Tampa area, circumscribes a circle around Tampa, then down the center of Tampa Bay. [NT.2004]

I've always had a problem with this describe a circle around Tampa thing, as that leaves almost every major road and railway in Irish hands - an unfortunate circumstance in light of American interests in the region, as Tampa would be a natural southern city for the province and is the hub which draws together no fewer than three major highways and some rail lines. At least one of those highways (US92) would make a smashing border - as it is, the road ducks in and out of the various territories. There are no major E-W highways across Florida apart from that one and US90 up north.
Undoubtedly some kind of diplomatic finnagling will be called for. Could we buy up the border region in some way? Infuse a little cash into the RTC's valiant attempts at reforming its

occupation zone??

Tampa is still a sickler since the Irish are still sitting on their hands.
From what I can see, your proposed border follows the purple line on the map. For logistical purposes, America would prefer one of the green line borders: preferably the one at the little river just north of Gibsonton; otherwise, a line north of that river but south of the railways out of Tampa would do. This way, the 92 and railway hubs at Auburndale and Plant City are maintained in the NAL, plus the 27 would be in American territory all the way down to its junction with the 92 just west of Haines City. Obviously, we'd like to have Tampa as well, but would accept some sort of dual administration until such time as the Irish can sort out their objectives in the region. [PB.2004]