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Province of Virginia
Flag of Virginia
Subdivision of: North American League
 Capital: Richmond
 Largest: Richmond
 Other: Alexandria
 Official: English
 Others: Swenska, Brithenig
Governor: Thomas Warner
Established: 1664, Royal Deed to the Virginia Comonwealth Company
Admission to NAL: 1803 (2nd)

Virginia was one of the first colonies of the Federated Kingdoms in North America, and was one of the primary agitators against the taxes that were levied by the British Parliaments. Virginia was home to Thomas Jefferson who helped to create the Declaration of Legislative Independence and the Solemn League Covenant.

Virginia also gave rise to great leaders, like Richard Bonnaire Whittington, James Madison, James Monroe, William Henry Harrison, John Tyler and Zachary Taylor.

When referring to the NAL Virginia is part of the "Southeast" or the "South." Kentucky was part of Virginia at the time of the founding of the North American League, but seperated from it in 1805. Kentucky was later admitted to the League as a separate state in 1816.


Among Native American people living in what now is Virginia were the Powhatan, Nottaway, Meherrin, Pohick, Monacan, Saponi, and Cherokee.

At the end of the 16th century when England began to colonize North America, "Virginia" was named after the Virgin Mary, under whose graces it was believed to have been founded. The exploration of the area in the 1584 expedition of Sir Walter Raleigh along the coast of North America lead to the selection of the Virginian landing site. For a time, the term Virginia applied to the whole of the American coast. The London Virginia Company became incorporated as a joint stock company by a royal charter drawn up on April 10, 1606. It swiftly financed the first permanent English settlement in the New World which was at Jamestown in the Virginia Colony in 1607. Its Second Charter was officially ratified on May 23, 1609.

Virginia was given its nickname "The Old Dominion" by King Charles II of England at the time of the Restoration for remaining loyal to the crown during the English Civil War. Patrick Henry served as the first Governor of Virginia, from 1776 to 1779, and again from 1784 to 1786.



Virginia is bordered by:
North: Ter Mair and Aquanishuonigy
West: Kentucky
South: Carolina
East: Ter Mair and the Atlantic Ocean


Virginia's economy has long been regarded as one of the better-balanced in the NAL with diverse sources of income, including military installations concentrated in the south, tobacco and peanut farming all through Southside Virginia, manufacturing and transportation, and the coal mines of north-western Virginia, which have in the past decades been harder hit by recessions. There is also some economic growth in the area of Alexandria.

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