Richard Bonnaire Whittington

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Richard Bonnaire Whittington
Order: 1st General Moderator
Term of Office: 25 March, 1803 - 25 March, 1813
Predecessor: None
Successor: James Monroe
Date of birth: DD Month, YYYY
Date of death: DD Month, YYYY
Place of birth: Smalltown, Virginia
Profession: Merchant
Political Party: None
Relgious Affiliation: Deist

Freed his personal slaves upon achieving office.

From conculture Dec 8, 2002:
"One time, a local merchant, Dick Whittington, fed up with the Colonial Tax Acts, poured his tea into Baltimore Harbour, and continued pouring things into Baltimore Harbour until everyone else had jumped onto his Old Blue Sheet and sigend the Solemn League and Constitution in 1803. This was thus the cause of the NAL[1] though Wittingstein, the new Gentle Moderator, convinced his new country, the SLC[2], to continue speaking English, to remain RC and 100% and etc.

Richard Bonnaire Whittington

A popular round of early America.

Preceded by:
General Moderatorship
of the NAL-SLC
Succeeded by:
James Monroe