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Province of Pennsylvaania
Flag of Pennsylvaania
Subdivision of: North American League
 Capital: Heinrichsburg
 Largest: Philadelphia
 Other: Lengeschder, Scranton, Allenschteddel
 Official: English, Pennsylvaanisch, Brithenig
 Others: Sicilian, Castilian, Swedish
Admission to NAL: 1803 (4th)


Philadelphia, City of Brotherly Love, is the capital of the NAL-SLC.

One of Pensylvaania's Senators is James Sanders (W-PA).

Administrative Divisions

Pennsylvaania is divided into 54 ridings.


In colonial times, Pennsylvaania was originally a sort of condominium between Kemr and England. (PB, 35511) After the creation of the NAL, since Pennsylvaania had been neither wholly English nor Kemrese for so long, it chose to give its loyalty to no monarch or viceroy. It made sense for the capital to not be in the domain of any particular sovereign. And it was Pennsylvaania where the "Fifth Monarchy men" were most numerous, the ones who opposed kings for theological reasons. (BK, 35525)

Also, since Pennsylvaania was the home of the Dietsch, (generally Mennonites, Amish, etc) there was general more resentment to submitting to one or the other viceroy, and a greater support for the Fifth Monarchy idea. (PB, 35529)


Western Pennsylvaania is a very hilly and mountainous country, as the Appalachian Mountains sweep across the province from southwest to northeast. The coal mining industry was the principal economic activity of the province in former times, and since the evolution towards cleaner energy sources, the western parts of the province especially have been economically stagnant. The southern part of the province is mostly under cultivation.


Pennsylvaania is bordered on the north and west by Aquonishuonigy, on the east by Kent and on the south by Maryland.


Pennsylvaania Germans (Amish, etc) figure a large part in south-central PA. The province's flag sports a hexe, which is a local kind of magical charm. Depicted is a very common hexe called the Distelfink, or goldfinch.

There was a history of Anglo-Cambrian administration of the pre-Covenant colony; people of Kemrese descent were found mostly in the mountainous western region; English speakers were found mostly in the east; the southern-central and south-east was settled by Germans.

One of the great roadbuilding projects of the mid xx century was the construction of the Capital Beltway, or Circular Highway -- the great PR-401. It was considered a marvel of the age if for no other reason than that so many small townships and historical landmarks had to be routed around. You get a really nice view of Philadelphia's Mormon temple from the Beltway.

Lancaster (German: Lengeschder) is the center of the German community in the province. Here one will come in direct with the Amish and their ancient culture. The communities of this region, while primarily engaged in agriculture, are famous for the fine craftsmanship and meticulous detail of their furniture and woodworking industry. Whether it's a small pillbox or a whole barn, one can expect the best in quality!

A little way north of Lancaster is the town of Shartleville. This town is home of Wayside America, the world's largest indoor miniature village. Every one of the more than 400 buildings is built to No. 1 Gauge and dozens of trains, vehicles, and animated mechanisms create the illusion of reality in miniature.

In the far west of the province is the town of Punxsetauni, a German enclave in the larglely Kemrese mountains. The town is the center of the observance of an unusual Candlemas tradition in which a local woodmarmot, dubbed "Punxsetauni Peder", is used to predict the end of winter. The tradition, which has been the focus of media attention since the 1993 film The Woodmarmot, descends from folk traditions of the Rhineland-Palatinate.

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