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Prewynċ di Gastreleon New
Provincie van Nieuw Batavie
Province of New Castreleon (New Batavia)
Flag of Castreleon New
Subdivision of: The North American League
 Capital: Nieuw Nassau
 Largest: New Amsterdam
 Other: Schenectady, Massena, Rome
 Official: Brithenig, Dutch
 Others: Iroquoian Dialects
Governor: Andrea Cuomo
Area: pretty big
Population: 15,952,807 New Castreleoners/New Batavians
Established: 1803, Solemn League Covenant
Admission to NAL: 1803 (3rd)

New Castreleon, also known as New Batavia, began as a fur-trading colony of the Batavian Kingdom, gradually being ceded to Kemr. It has since grown to become one of the economic powerhouses of the NAL.


The coast of Castreleon New was explored by the French in 1524, but the French failed to follow up on this search and were superceded by the Dutch in 1609 with the exploration of Henry Hudson.

In five year's time, the Dutch had quickly established Fort Nassau, which is now Nieuw Nassau. In 1624, Fort Orange was founded, also within the boundaries of modern Nieuw Nassau.



Castreleon New is bordered by:
North: St. Lawrence River/Seaway; stright line from Massena to Champlain.
West: Aquonishuonigy province.
South: Pennsylvaania and the Merseys, Kent and Oxbridge.
East: New Hampshire, Massachussets Bay, Connecticut.


Castreleon New is the financial heart of the North American League, home to the famous financial center, Lla Ystrad d'ill Myr/De Waalstraat (the Wall Road). Shipping is also very important to the province's economy. The port of New Amsterdam is an important transshipment node, overseen by PANCO, the Port Authority of New Castreleon and Oxbridge. The magnificent St. Lawrence Seaway, a joint project between New Castreleon and the Republic of New Francy, brings large ocean going vessels into the Great Lakes region of the NAL and also serves New Francy's port cities of Quebec and Ville-Marie. Many railways serve the metropolitan area and branch out in all directions. Historically, a canal connected Aquonishuonigy and New Castreleon.

Castreleon New is also home to the headquarters of Tesla-Westinghouse.

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