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Tsalagihi Ayili
Cherokee Nation
Subdivision of: The North American League
 Capital: Montgomery
 Largest: Montgomery
 Other: ?
 Official: Cherokee, English
 Others: Brithenig
Established: 1721?, Unification?
Admission to NAL: 1806 (20th)

Cherokee Nation is a province of the NAL, having joined in 1806, a mere three years after that country's founding.

Established Facts

  • "The governor of Cherokee Nation is styled the Ouka, which means emperor." From NAL.
  • Includes the city of Montgomery, where there is a Mormon Temple.
  • Louisianne has maintained two small colonies surrounded by the American province of Mobile. In 1699, France planted a colony at Biloxi and in 1702 another colony at Mobile Bay. These weathered the storms of the French Revolution, the Louisiannan revolt and the 1828 War. The colony is called Biloxi et Mobile, and is composed of two separate towns of those names. The coastal towns started out as trading posts and minor ports of call for French shipping entering Louisianne. In 1819, the once Spanish lands of West Florida that surrounded the colony's territories were purchased by the young NAL provinces of Cherokee Nation and Mobile. American cities named after their French colonial neighbours were established, and have largely outgrown and surrounded their colonial neighbours.
  • The NAL and France had been long arguing over the Mobile region, and France had been eyeing the Ouisconsin region as well, seeking to unite their former territories by a land-bridge. Some proponents in France suggested that they strip away the entire southern set of provinces, taking Cherokee and Jacobia as their own, and further padding the French presence on the Gulf of Mejico. (from 1828 War)
  • As all now know, the tapes record secretive meetings between GM Albert Gore, the MPs and Lords Governors of Jacobia and Cherokee Nation regarding the "situation in Florida", and range in date from 2000 to as recently as late 2004. The Governors speak of the "untenable situation that Mr Bush is putting us in" and that "we can not solve this problem in the usual fashion [diplomacy]". ( from Watergap Scandal)
  • Pensacola, West Florida - Just 10 months after last year's disasterous Furacano #9, a new furacano is once again preparing to strike at the beleaguered people of West Florida, who are still recovering from the effects of the Florida War and last year's furacano. Hundreds of thousands have evacuated northwards, into Cherokee Nation, determined not to ride out another storm, especially one that has strengthened up to a Category 4, above last year's furacano, which was only a 3. (from Conculture, July 10, 2005)
  • Joined the NAL in 1806
  • Mobile Province was originally known as English West Florida. The province's origin dates back to 1806, when Castile-Leon took East and West Florida back from the young NAL. With assistance from Cherokee Nation, part of West Florida, the territory between 31° N and 32°28' N, was preserved. This territory came to be referred to as English West Florida, and became a kind of protectorate of Cherokee Nation. A few years later, a land swap was negotiated between Cherokee Nation and English West Florida in which EWF would cede its eastern territory in exchange for which Cherokee Nation would give up claims to the League territory north of English West Florida, which at the time was not a part of either province, and would help English West Florida get recognition for their claim, which they soon got. In 1819, when Castile offered to sell the trans-Perdido, English West Florida and Cherokee Nation purchased the land. (from Conculture, Nik June 19, 2004)
  • In the Cherokee Nation, they elect a homegrown king. (From Conculture Group, John Cowan, June 10, 2004)
  • About the year 1721, the British representative, Sir Alexander Cuming, persuaded the Cherokee to elect an Emperor who would represent their interests. This ruler was titled the Oukah by the Cherokee. The one elected was Moytoy and the line of emperors continued. Anyone know what powers this Emperor had - if he was merely a Chieftain or more Europeanized? (from Conculture Group, Theophilus, Sept 9, 2003)

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