Dry Tortugas

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The Dry Tortugas are an NAL national monument (former Royal Navy installation) and ecological reserve, administered by the Extraterritorial Lands Bureau. The islands are located past Cayo Ôso at the far tip of the Florida Keys and consist of two island groups, the Dry Tortugas proper and the Marquesas Keys. The República Conchesa (mostly the Libertad faction) would like to see the area made part of the Republic someday.

Uninhabited and remote though it is, even poor out of the way Dry Torgugas has a dedicated Minister. She is the Rt. Hon. Dr. Madeline Cardoza and can generally be found racing her yacht in various Caribbean courses or conducting research in the local waters. She favours Jamaica as a landing spot, though her office is located in Port Rogeres. She was born in Wallace Cay and detests cold weather and almost never visits Calgary. Or Philadelphia for that matter.

(PB, 36181, 34113)

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