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Prewynċ di Denisi
Province of Tenisi
Flag of Tenisi
Subdivision of: North American League
 Capital: Iewan Saeth
 Largest: Memfis
 Other: Ciatanwga, ?????
 Official: Brithenig
 Others: English
Establishment: 1804, Establishment of West Carolina
1807, Split from Carolina
Admission to NAL: 1812 (21st)


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The area now known as Tenisi was first settled by Paleo-Indians nearly 11,000 years ago. The names of the cultural groups that inhabited the area between first settlement and the time of European contact are unknown, but several distinct cultural phases have been named by archaeologists, including Archaic, Woodland, and Mississippian whose chiefdoms were the cultural predecessors of the Muscogee people who inhabited the Tenisi River Valley prior to Cherokee migration into the river's headwaters.

When Spanish explorers first visited the area, led by Hernando de Soto in 1539–43, it was inhabited by tribes of Muscogee and Yuchi people. For unknown reasons, possibly due to expanding European settlement in the north, the Cherokee, an Iroquoian tribe, moved south from the area now called Virginia. As European colonists spread into the area, the native populations were displaced, and moved to the south and west, including all Muscogee and Yuchi peoples, including the Chickasaw and Choctaw into what is now the northern parts of Mobile and the Cherokee Nation.

It was in the area originally claimed by France, as part of New France. However, the territories east of the Mississippi remained fairly sparcely populated. The area was settled mostly by English, and later Kemrese settlers (who make up most of the population in the present day), despite the protestations of the French government.

The area south of the Ohio River and the Iroquois Nation and north of West Florida (prior to its recapture by Castile), seceded from Lousisana in 1789, following the French Revolution, as the Transylvania Territory, which was re-organised following the formation of the NAL-SLC.

Originaly administered as part of Carolina, the area was given its own Deputy Governor by Lord Reginald Winters in 1804, and named West Carolina. It was ceded by his son, Lord Geoffery Winters II, to the League government in 1807, following a petition from the Kemrese settlers in the territory, now renamed as the Southwest Territory. Five years later, it was admitted as a new province, and renamed after the river which runs through it.

During the 1828 War, a faction of the Louisiannan government wished to reclaim the lost territory, but they were overruled, due to the eying-up of the various territories north of the Ohio River by the major faction.

After the 1828 War, Louisianne was forced to recognise all NAL claims to the territory east of the Mississippi and north of the Mizouri.

Slavery wasn't much of an issue in Tenisi; the workforce mostly consisted of difers, while few of the landowners had slaves. Tenisi was one of the first slave-owning provinces to enact reforming laws, and abolished slavery in 1824.

During the crisis of 1875, however, there was a strong pro-Kemrese Royalist, pro-Catholic movement in Tenisi. These elements had always been fairly strong amongst the Brithenig settlers, but were only realy stired-up by the tensions elsewhere in the League.



Tenisi is bordered by:
North: Kentucky, Virginia
West: Louisianne
South: Cherokee Nation, Mobile
East: Carolina


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