Jean-François Young, Fils

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Frankie Young
Order: Xth Sous-Prefect of Aurillac
Term of Office: 3 Sans-Culottides, CCXIV (20/9/06) - Present
Predecessor: Georges Lamineux
Successor: None
Date of birth: 25 Germinal CXCI (April 15, 1983)
Date of death: None
Place of birth: Paris-sur-Mizouri, Louisianne
Profession: Lawyer, Politician
Political Party: Free Republicans (Républicains Libres)
Relgious Affiliation: Catholic

Jean-François "Frankie" Young, Fils (b. 25 Germinal an CXCI, April 15, 1983) is a minor politician of Louisianne. He is notable for his parents, Jean-François Young and Anaïs Michelle Bouvier. He has served as a Member of Parliament for Aurillac, as well as Sous-Prefect for the same département.

Early Life

A photo from 2002.

Frankie Young is the eldest son of Jean-François Young and Anaïs Michelle Bouvier. He spent most of his life growing up in Louisianne, in the Paris-sur-Mizouri suburb of Colignève. His mother did her best to shield him and his siblings from public eye, but as he has gotten older, he has taken a more public role, and has become a regular subject in the teen magazines of Louisianne. When Frankie (as he's commonly known) turned 18 his parents sent him to school at Harvard University in the NAL province of Massachussets Bay where he studied political science and later, law. Frankie placed highly in his law school admissions exam, matriculated in 2006 and graduated cum laude in 2009.

The tabloids and respectable newspapers alike questioned this choice of schools, as it would seem highly unorthodox for someone from Louisianne to willingly attend higher education elsewhere when there are fine schools within Louisianne's borders that have trained many of Louisianne's current leaders. It was explained thus by President Young: "My son wished to be part of Epsilon Kappa Iota, a very respectable Fraternity. Because there are currently no chapters at any Louisiannan college or university, Frankie decided to attend the closest university with a chapter, that of the Harvard University." Frankie was joined in 2005 at Harvard by his sister Anne-Laure, who is pursuing a degree in biology. Some fringe groups have been rebuffed by this choice, and some analysts expect these groups will support Jean-François Young's political rivals.

Frankie became friends with Antoine II Bourbon-Le Moyne at Harvard, which some in Louisianne found in distaste, as Antoine II is the pretender to the princely throne of Louisianne. The tabloids suggested that Frankie was also interested by the then-Princess Aquico of Micasa, however those rumors were laid to rest when her engagement to Bourbon-Le Moyne was announced on December 21, 2005.

Frankie's love-life during his college years cycled in and out of the tabloids, coming to the fore at any time there wasn't sufficient news. When asked how he felt about this, Frankie said, "It doesn't bother me much. I figure I'll always be in the lime-light, and I just try to live my life one day at a time."

Following his time in college, his personal life has remained shrouded.

Political Life

While Frankie has not yet declared interest in any public office, he has caused a stir in political corners with his friendship with Antoine II Bourbon-Le Moyne. When it was announced in May of 2006 that he was to be the best man at the wedding of Princess Aquico and Prince Antoine II several staunch Republican interests in Louisianne expressed outrage.

Following completion of his studies at Harvard in 2009, Frankie returned to Louisianne and began his political career, running for an MP position to serve Aurillac. He won that raise with relative ease, although many pundits suggested it was due to the cachet of his father's name.

During his time as MP, Frankie sided against graft, in support of Marie-Claire Gildersleeve's national anti-graft push. He also lobbied for more education support, increased public transit funding, especially for areas showing increased growth due to the TGV corridors constructed by Chemins de Fer Lousiannais. He also lobbied for and won placement of CFL's TGV maintenance plant in Nassogne, which caused no small celebration from the citizens of Aurillac.

In 2012, allegations of graft surfaced against Georges Lamineux, sous-prefect of the département. Leadership acted quickly to ouster M. Lamineux, and as a surprising replacement, Frankie was chosen and unanimously elected by the departmental parliament. He has served as Sous-Prefect since that time.


Frankie, Antoine II and a number of friends were arrested in July, 2006 after fighting outside a Boston, Massachussets Bay night club. Frankie and his friends were wearing SNORist uniforms for a costume night and were confronted by a group of drunken Anti-Snorists, fisticuffs ensued and the lot were gaoled.

Frankie received a spate of ill press after the event, demanding a public apology for his insensitivity to those touched negatively by the effects of SNOR. [1]

Captive of the Action Française

While it is public knowledge that a branch of the political party Action Française took the First Family captive shortly after the assassination of First-President Young, very little has been released to the public regarding Frankie's time as a captive of the Action Française. Fortunately, he, his mother, and his siblings were only their captives for a few days.

It is known that he resisted the efforts of the Action Française to have him declare himself king of Louisianne, although he suffered minor physical abuse. When asked if this would deter him from politics, Frankie announced firmly that this would in no way detract from his desire to be a politician, rather cementing his fervor to that end.

Preceded by:
Georges Lamineux
Sous-Prefect of Aurillac
Succeeded by: