Naruhico, Prince Higaxi-Cuni

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Higaxi-Cuni-no-miya Naruhico Xinnò
Relation to present Emperor Great-great-great-great uncle
Prince Higaxi-Cuni 1st
Prime Minister of Japan
Political Party None
Date of birth Meidji 20, Djùgaçu 29 (December 3, 1887)
Place of birth Quiòto
Date of death Saisei 38, Djùnigaçu 16 (January 20, 1990)
Place of death
Profession General (ret)
Prime Minister of Japan
Member of House of Peers

His Imperial Highness Naruhico, Prince Higaxi-Cuni was the 9th son of Prince Cuni Asahico, and half-brother of Cuni Cuniyoxi. He married Princess Toxico, ninth daughter of Emperor Meidji. He was therefore son-in-law to Emperor Meidji, brother-in-law to Emperor Taixò, uncle by marriage to Emperor Xòwa, and great-uncle to Emperor Saisei. On Meidji 39, Cugaçu 29 (November 3, 1906), he was granted the title of Higaxi-Cuni and permission to start his own branch of the Imperial Family. The title was passed onto his grandson, Prince Nobuhico, upon his death, Saisei 38, Djùnigaçu 16 (January 20, 1990), his son having pre-deceased him.

Prince Higaxi-Cuni was a career army officer, like so many other members of the Imperial Family, eventually rising to the rank of full general. He studied at the Ecole Supérieure de Guerre in Paris from 1920 to 1922. He was a member of the Supreme War Council for much of the Civil War.

Upon the conclusion of the war, Prince Higaxi-Cuni headed the Imperial Committee for Reconciliation, advocating mild treatment of most of the followers of the Pretender.

He was appointed Prime Minister by the Emperor in Saisei 2 (1953), overseeing the drafting of the Second Constitution. He served as Prime Minister between Saisei 2, Sañgaçu 6 and Saisei 4, Rocugaçu 9 (April 11, 1953 - July 14, 1955).

For his leadership during the Civil War, and for his role in the Imperial Committee for Reconciliation, in 1953, he was promoted to the rank of Xinnò, to be inherited by his heirs.

Preceded by:
Yamamoto Nolihide
Prime Minister of Japan
Succeeded by:

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New title
Prince Higaxi-Cuni
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