Prince Molihiro

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Molihiro Ò
Relation to present Emperor 1st cousin four times removed
Date of birth Taixò 11, Xigaçu 1
May 6, 1916
Place of birth Edo
Date of death Saisei 17, Djùgaçu 29
February 1, 1969
Place of death Edo
Profession Army officer (artillery), politician, Governor of Cantò

His Imperial Highness Prince Molihiro was the eldest son of Naruhico, Prince Higaxi-Cuni, and father of Nobuhico, Prince Higaxi-Cuni. He was an artillery officer during the Civil War. He was a grandson of Emperor Meidji and a cousin of Emperor Xòwa.

Like all male members of the Imperial Family at the time, Prince Molihiro was groomed to pursue a career in the armed services from an early age. He received his primary and secondary education at then-boys' department of the Gakuxùin and the Central Military Preparatory School. He entered the Imperial Military Academy in 1936 and upon graduation two years later received a commission as a second lieutenant in the artillery. In 1938, he received a promotion to first lieutenant. He was promoted to captain of the artillery in 1941.

After the end of the Civil War, he left the army, entering politics, eventually becoming Governor of Cantò.