Aquihito, Prince Comaçu

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Comaçu-no-miya Aquihito Xinnò
Relation to present Emperor: Great great great great uncle
Prince Comaçu: 1st
Date of birth: Còca 3, Itxigaçu 8
February 11, 1846
Place of birth: Quiòto
Date of death: Meidji 36, Itxigaçu 15
February 18, 1903
Place of death:
Profession: Field Marshall, Diplomat

His Imperial Highness Aquihito, Prince Comaçu of Japan was the seventh son of Prince Fuximi Cuniie. He was born as Prince Yoxiaqui. He was elevated by Emperor Meidji to the rank of Xinnò and granted the title Higaxi-Fuximi-no-miya in 1869.

In 1872, he broke off his first marriage to Alima Yolico, the daughter of Lord Alima Yolixigue, former Daimiò of Curume to wed Princess ??? of Maui, daughter of King ???, sealing the alliance between the two nations. At the same time, he changed his personal name to Aquihito, and his title to Comaçu-no-miya.

In 1872, he travelled to the Federated Kingdoms to study military tactics. Returning to Japan, he helped to subdue several samurai rebellions, and rose rapidly through the ranks, being given the rank of General in 1877. He fought in the Sino-Japanese War, and by 1898, became Field Marshall.

He was also skilled in diplomacy, and travelled to the Ottoman Empire in 1887, meeting with the Emperor and conveying Meidji's good will.

He had one son, Prince Aquinaru, who succeeded to the title of Comaçu-no-miya upon his death in 1903. Aquinaru in turn had two sons, both of which passed away without heir, leaving the title vacant until 2014, when Hiroyuqui, second son of Çutomu, Prince Higaxiyama was granted the title by the Imperial Regent.

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Prince Comaçu
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