Lùnosuque, Prince Catxò

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Catxò-no-miya Lùnosuque Ò
Relation to present Emperor 3rd cousin twice removed
Prince Catxò 4th
Date of birth Go-Meidji 8
Place of birth Tòquiò
Profession Author

His Imperial Highness Lùnosuque, Prince Catxò was the younger son of Taquehico, Prince Yamaxina.

Growing up during the Civil War, he became a strict pacifist, and refused to join the military, unlike most of the members of the Imperial Family. As a young man, Prince Lùnosuque was painfully shy, preferring the company of his books, which he read voraciously. Though his shyness decreased in adulthood, he remained a private individual, and a first-rate scholar. He has published scores of non-fiction books on various topics, particularly history.

In 1953, the then-Emperor granted him the title of Prince Catxò, which had fallen extinct with the death of its third head, Hirotada, Prince Catxò.

In 1957, he married, and had one son, Prince Aquitaçu (born 1959). He and his wife divorced in 1960, and Prince Aquitaçu was raised mostly by his mother. Prince Catxò had a strained relationship with his son, but they became reconciled in the early 90's. Through Aquitaçu, he has three grandsons and one granddaughter.

Preceded by:
Prince Catxò
Heir apparent: