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Monarchies have fared far better in the world of Ill Bethisad than in our own world. This page lists all of the monarchs, by whatever title, in the world of Ill Bethisad, in order of seniority where known. This includes the few elective monarchies and rotating monarchies, such as the High Kingship of Kanawiki and the kingship of the RTC

See also Succession to the various monarchies

Emperors and Empresses
High Kings (Archkings) and High Queens (Archqueens)
Grand Kings and Grand Queens
Kings and Queens
  • Sultan 'Isa Toma of Socotra (1965)
  • Sultana Munira Abdunnabi binti wa Ikeno Al Akida of Zanzibar
  • Sultan Murat of Turkey
Maharajas and Rajas
  • Gyalpo Ashtok Bista of Lo (2005)
  • Gyalpo Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuk of Bhutan (2006)
  • Raja Jigme Wangchuk Namgyal of Ladakh (1985)
  • Maharani Shruti of Nepal (2001)
  • Raja Vikramaditya Singh of the United Kingdom of Jammu and Kashmir (2003)
  • Chogyal Wangchuk Namgyal of Sikkim (1982)
Grand Princes (Grand Dukes) and Grand Princesses (Grand Duchesses)
  • Grand Duchess Haedrana Nassau-Weilburg-Kastelnow of Luxemburg (2005)
  • Grand Prince I Uen, Hereditary Governor of Hamgieñpuk-do, Corea (2005) - Validity of succession currently disputed
  • Grand Princess Margrethe II of Finland (1972)—same person as Archqueen Margrethe II of the Scandinavian Realm
  • Grand Duke Maximilian II of Baden (1963)
  • Grand Duke Tully I of Grand Fenwick (2007)
Princes and Princesses
Dukes and Duchesses
  • Duchess Bianca II of Mantua (Italy) (1987)
  • Duke Luigi III of Massa (Italy) (1991)
  • Duchess Margarethe II of Oldenburg (1972) (Same person as Archqueen Margarethe II of the Scandinavian Realm)
  • Duke Norberto II of Alba (Italy) (1963)
High Chiefs, Chiefs, and Chieftains
  • Chief Luk Havaiki of Tokelau (1989)
  • Chief Tatarara IV of Clan Riu, Henua (1976)
  • Chief Richard Ablanc of the Four Nations (2006)