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Reini Lettif Lumbard
Elective Kingdom of Lombardy
Flag of Lombardy
Motto: Not applicable.
Subdivision of: Italy
 Capital: Bergamo
 Largest: Bergamo
 Other: Brescia
 Official: Lombard, Italian
 Others: Ligurian, Tuscan, French
Monarch: Queen Beatrice III of Ceva
Prime Minister: Gion Brescian
Area: 23,861 sq. km
Population: 7,655,000 citizens
Established: 1933, Ratification of Italian constitution

Lombardy is one of Italy's larger states, and one of its most prominent. One of the three kingdoms in Italy, Lombardy elects its symbolic monarch from the members of the other Italian royal families. Lombardy also has a bicameral elected legislature.


Lombardy is an elective monarchy, choosing its ruler from amongst the members of other Italian royal families. The head of state is symbolic, with real power exercised by prime minister, the council of government, and bicameral legislature.

Monarchs of Lombardy

  • Eugenio of Piedmont (r. 1933-1949)
  • Lorenzo of Tyrrhenia (r. 1949-1951)
  • Beatrice of Tenda (r. 1951-1966)
  • Saverio of Parma (r. 1966-1969)
  • Ubaldo of Spoleto (r. 1969-2002)
  • Beatrice of Ceva (r. 2002-)


See main article: History of Lombardy

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