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Gran Ducat dë Monfrà
Grand Duchy of Montferrat
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Flag of Montferrat
Subdivision of: Italy
 Capital: Alessandria
 Largest: Alessandria
 Other: Asti
Casale Monferrato
 Official: Italian
 Others: Ligurian
Grand Duke: Francesco IV Paleologo
Premier: Andreu d'Helvezà
Area: 5,064 sq. km
Population: 635,000 inhabitants (2005)
Established: 1933, incorporated into Italy



Montferrat is a Grand Duchy located in the north of Italy. However, the Grand Duke is only a nominal head of state. Most of the day-to-day administration is carried out by the elected ruling council of 100 and its Premier. Council elections are held every three years, and after the elections, the party with the most seats selects a Premier, who runs council meetings and sets the council agenda. In case of a tied vote in the council, the Grand Duke casts the deciding vote. Otherwise, the Grand Duke's primary function is to sign the bills passed by the council. Theoretically, the Grand Duke can veto a bill, but this rarely happens.

Administrative Divisions

Montferrat is divided into two districts: Asti and Alessandria. 60 councilors are elected from Alessandria, the larger of the two, and 40 from Asti.



Liguria is bordered by:
North: Piedmont
West: Ceva
South: Liguria
East: Lombardy, Parma


Montferrat's primary industry is viticulture, and its wines are renowned worldwide.

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