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Principalità di Ceva
Principality of Ceva
Flag of Ceva
Subdivision of: Italy
 Capital: Ceva
 Largest: Ceva
 Other: Alba
 Official: Italian
 Others: Ligurian
Prince: Luisa I of Ceva
Regent: Bartolomeo Malatesta
Area: 6,903 sq. km
Population: 19,500 inhabitants (2005)
Established: 1933, incorporated into Italy

Ceva is a small province in northern Italy, composed of the historical province of Cuneo.



Ceva's head of State is a Prince. Five ministers are elected for seven-year terms (State, Interior, Rules and Administration, Finance and Economy, and Agriculture). Social welfare is administered by a fund created by the monarchs in 1834. The main judge is the Regent, appointed by the monarch. Her Majesty Queen Luisa II of Italy, (Princess Luisa I of Ceva), ascended the Cevan throne September 20, 1955.

The current ministers are (State) Ettore Malaspina, Monarchist Party; (Interior) Jolanda Ordelaffi, Liberal Democratic Union; (Rules and Administration) Valeria Maffei, Monarchist Party; (Finance and Economy) Gian Lorenzo di Ceva, Independent; (Agriculture) Ferdinando Malaspina, Democratic Left.


Ceva emerged in the 11th Century as an important pass through the Ligurian Alps en route to the Mediterranean. The duties and levies collected are the origins of the vast wealth of its royal family. With the conquest of Cerreto in 1303 it tripled in size and monopolised the routes of trade from northern Europe to the Mediterranean. Since 1665 the Cevan princes resided abroad, and were represented by regents who tended to be of the Malaspina, Malatesta or Ghismondi families. In 1801 Napoleon conquered it and incorporated it to the Cisligurian Department. Under pressure from the Commonwealth and Scandinavia, Ceva declared its independence in 1848. The prince returned with the condition to live there. Such condition was suspended upon Princess Luisa's election to the Italian throne. Ceva joined Italy in 1936.



Ceva is bordered by:
North: Piedmont
West: Piedmont
South: Liguria
East: France


The Cevan economy is based largely on taxes levied on goods that pass through the alps via Ceva.

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