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Ducato di Mantova
Duchy of Mantua
Flag of Mantua
Subdivision of: Italy
 Capital: Mantua
 Largest: Mantua
 Other: Castiglione
 Official: Italian
 Others: Piedmontese
Duchess: Bianca II
Prime Minister: Paolo Formigoni
Area: 6,903 sq. km
Population: 1,200,000 inhabitants (2005)
Established: 1930, de facto independence from Lombardy
Mantua duchy arms.jpg
Ducal Arms of Mantua



The Duke/Duchess is the nominal head of state. The prime minister is elected for five-year terms to head the executive branch. There is a separate bicameral legislature. The current prime minister, Paolo Formigoni, represents Federalist Italy, one of the national parties that operates on a local level in many states.


Mantua emerged from the fiefs of Lombard nobles in the 7th Century, and was made capital of the southern marches of the Holy Roman Empire by Charlemagne. Governed by the Guelph family since then it became a duchy (officially in 1096). With the application of the Salic Law throughout the Empire, Mantua seceded.

Its court attracted artists and scientists in the 16th century. In 1806 it was conquered by Napoleon, renamed the Cispadanian Department, it remained part of the Republic of Lombardy until it was conquered by the Republic of Rome in 1920. Independent in 1930 it called back the heir-apparent Alfonso IX. He was succeeded in 1932 by his daughter Alice I, who in turn was succeeded by her sister Caterina II in 1933. Upon her abdication in 1956 her daughter Carolina I became queen. She in turn abdicated in 1987 in favour of her daughter Bianca II.



Mantua is bordered by:
North: Lombardy
West: Lombardy
South: Parma
East: Veneto


Mantua's main industries are metallurgy, cement, and chemicals.


Current Affairs

Antonia Guelph, younger sister to the Duchess, has announced her engagement to Nicolae Vladescu, ambassador from Oltenia to England, who frequently visits Mantua.

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