Nicolae Vladescu

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Nicolae Vladescu Vlas-Florea
Nicolae vladescu vlas florea.jpg
Date of birth: 17 November, 1965
Date of death: not applicable
Place of birth: Bacău, Oltenia
Family: Prince Igor Nicolescu (uncle), Vlad Nicolescu (father), Leopoldina Vlas-Florea (mother), Vlad Vladescu (brother), Nicola Vlas-Florea (cousin), King Aurel II of Moldova (cousin)
Profession: Diplomat
Political Party: Voivode Party
Relgious Affiliation: Catholic (Oltenian Form, Byzantine Rite)
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Nicolae Vladescu Vlas-Florea (born 1965) is the current ambassador for Oltenia to England. He is also the heir presumptive to his uncle Prince Igor Nicolescu, to whom he bears a sometimes-startling resemblance. Some disagreement exists as to what the proper form of address to him should be, but he seems to prefer "Mr. Ambassador" at least at present.


His father, Major Vlad Nicolescu Vlas-Florea, was in the Oltenian Army before ill health forced his retirement. Although a very private person, Vlad is known to be a gourmet and something of a (quiet) world-traveller. Rumors persist that he is homosexual or at least bisexual and that his marriage is a sham. It is acknowledged that he and his elder brother are cordial, but not close. Nicolae's younger brother Vlad (born 1968) is an officer in the Oltenian Air Corps.

As a student during the Protectorship of Istvan Gheorghiu, Nicolae was placed under house arrest at least three times, once for nearly a year. At the time, the young man was studying history and language with an eye (at the time) for a teaching career. It is commonly assumed that from these experiences he has both a greater understanding and considerable resentment against the Securitate. Following the White Regency's fall, Nicolae sought a position in the foreign service, where he proved to be very talented. It was a help that he spoke six languages (including English, Brithenig, Russian and Francien). His first assignment was to the Papal States where he eventually had an audience with the Pope. He was declared Heir Presumptive within two years of his uncle's investment as Prince.

In 2004, during the Florida War, Nicolae was made Ambassador to England. He openly supported the aims of that conflict and has echoed the official policy of his government, calling for "Home Rule" whenever possible (this is sometimes seen as code for Germanization).

Observers have reported Nicolae a natural but unobtrusive leader who prefers to work with others, puts in long hours and studies subjects with great thoroughness. He has assembled a small group of insiders who are viewed as having very promising careers in the wake of his presumed rise. Politically, he belongs to the Voivode Party but maintains cordial relations with other Oltenian Parties, as well as the Left and Right factions of his own. He is a strong advocate of ethnic diversity but also of cross-cultural and international cooperation. One ambition he has stated is to represent the Romanian Federation in the League of Nations.

Queen Diana has invited him to many official functions.

Personal Life

Currently in his forties, Nicolae was long considered one of the most elibible highborn bachelors in the world, a title he has shared with Khedive Daoud I of Egypt and lately King Juan Carlos of Tejas (both of whom he has met). He has something of a reputation as a ladies' man, escorting such famous young ladies as Portia Moon and Philly Gore to a variety of parties and events. He is considered by many to be a member of the "Mile High Set".

Apart from fencing, his major form of recreation seems to be poker. He is also a ballroom dancer and an afficiado of motion pictures. He has attended the premiere of almost every single film of his cousin Nicola (with whom it is said he is very close). Rumor has it he is slightly estranged from his father and brother, but close to his mother.

Starting in late 2005 his name was increasingly linked with that of Antonia Guelph, younger sister of Duchess Bianca II of Mantua. Nicolae speaks fluent Italian and often visits that country. In Fall, 2007 their engagement was announced. In August 2008 they were wed in the city of Rome, following long and complex negotiations regarding their marriage between the nations involved.

Nicolae ran for office to lead the Romanian Federation but was barely defeated. In 2012 he became Prince upon the death of his uncle.

Preceded by:

1986 - 2012

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Prince of Oltenia
2012 - Present
Succeeded by:
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