Political parties in Oltenia

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In modern Oltenia, there are three major political parties:

traditional logo of the Voivode Party

The Voivode Party are in many ways simply crown loyalists of Oltenia, who see the principate as an essential Oltenian institution which must be preserved. The largest party, it is also the most divided in terms of actual policies, with Left and Right and Center wings in opposition to one another.

In terms of modern Oltenia, this is also the oldest political party, having been the initial anti-Snor movement which eventually led to the restoration of the principate.

Also known as "Blues."

logo of the Socialist Union

The Socialist Union of Oltenia has the most specific agenda of the three major parties, urging economic planning and expanded social services while encouraging protective trade policies. It would prefer (but does not insist) that the Prince be merely a figurehead. The Socialist Union uses as a sigil a red bat on gold.

Some socialists in other countries question this party's use of the "Oltenian Bat" as part of its logo, noting such is indeed a emblem of aristocracy. Almost no one familiar with politics in Oltenia questions this however.

Also known as "Reds."

logo of the Conservative League

The Conservative League is arguably the most opportunistic of the three major political parties in Oltenia, perhaps because so many ex-snor officials are among its ranks. In part to make up for this unpopular fact, the Conservative League is the most ethnically strident, insising on a "Romanians First" policy (which ironically enough includes some rather elastic definitions of what makes someone Romanian). They use the white bat on black.

Although the smallest of the major parties (for now) they remain important not least because of their high membership in the governmental institutions, which include many holdovers from the past SNOR regime.

They prefer to be called "Blacks" but political enemies often refer to the LCO as "Whites," in reference to the much-hated Snor.

All three parties in recent years have faced the rise of a faction that have been dubbed the "Browns" which are essentially PanRomanians.